2017 Major League Baseball Collective Bargaining Agreement

Expenditure Duration: 1985 – 31 December 1989. Free Agency: Owners and players eliminate the free agent draft so that free agents can negotiate with all clubs. A club that wishes to retain the bargaining rights of a free agent must agree to go to a salary arbitration the following February if the player so wishes. Free Agent Compensation: The new agreement eliminates the remuneration of professional players for clubs that lose free agents. Compensation remains in the form of amateur draft selections. Salary Cap: Owners are abandoning their proposal for an average pay plan that would serve as a salary cap. The owners are also abandoning the proposal to cap wage arbitrations. Wage arbitration: At the request of Commissioner Ueberroth, the service time required to benefit from wage arbitration was increased from two years to three years, starting in 1987. The owners abandon their attempt to limit wage arbitration rates to 100% compared to the previous year`s salary.

Service Time: Players are credited with the duty period for the strike period from August 6 to 7. Relative to salaries: Players receive a full day`s salary for games that are postponed to open dates. Players receive half a day`s salary for matches postponed as part of a doubleheader. Drug testing: In 1983, owners and players created a joint committee to study the rules for dealing with players who commit drug or alcohol-related offences. Players` union lawyer Donald Fehr and special assistant to the executive director Mark Belanger oppose the union`s participation in player discipline and prefer that the union retain the right to challenge any management action through the complaints procedure. Moffett`s support for the work of the joint commission would have led to his dismissal as executive director of the union. Marvin Miller returned to the position on an interim basis before Fehr was appointed director of the union. In May 1984, owners and players agreed to establish an independent committee to determine whether a player had a drug or alcohol problem and, if so, how to deal with it. The union reserves the right to challenge the disciplinary measures resulting therefrom.

Minimum wage: The minimum wage is increased to $60,000 for 1986, with the cost of living adjusted in subsequent seasons. The minimum is US$62,500 for 1987 and 1988 and US$68,000 for 1989. Winning Shares: Players will receive a larger cup from the world series pool. Schedule: Owners, players agree to maintain the League Championship Series for the duration of the seven-game agreement. Pension: Owners commit to inject $33 million per year into the benefit plan from 1985 to 1988, with an increase to $39 million in 1989. The owners also agreed to pay their contributions of $15.5 million for 1984 and 1985 retroactively to $25 million and $25 million. $33 million (increases of $9.5 million in 1984 and $17.5 million in 1985). .

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