Canada-Alberta Labour Market Development Agreement

Alberta wishes to reach agreement with Canada on the May 30, 1996 labour market development proposal. As a first step, the Canadian government will commit to three-year contracts that cannot be terminated unilaterally. Beyond the initial three-year period, the Canadian government is ready to discuss with each province and territory the appropriate duration of the new agreements. For example, agreements could be maintained as long as mutually agreed results are achieved. New formal agreements with the provinces and territories can be implemented immediately after the legislation is passed on July 1, 1996. The new and amended agreements were followed by broad consultation with more than 700 stakeholders on how to increase and improve the skills and employment of Canadians. For your information, I have attached a table showing a projection of FTEs and administrative resources available for all provinces and territories. The principle that FTEs and administrative resources are defined is the same across the country: each province and territory would have the resources available to HRDCs to implement programs in the province or territory during the term of the agreement. The Ei Act and the proposal to provinces and territories for labour market regulation explicitly refer to the necessary outcomes and the need for an evaluation of monitoring, evaluation and evaluation outcomes. In this Annex, Canada and Alberta set these mutually agreed outcome targets. The proposal provides for new formal labour market agreements between the Canadian government and each provincial and territorial government, which will take into account the different and changing circumstances across the country.

5.1.1 Workers and surplus persons who have been appointed to a subordinate post under this Directive shall, where appropriate, receive wage and wage compensation in accordance with the provisions of the collective agreement on the protection of wages or, in the absence of such provisions, the corresponding provisions of the rules on continuing training or conversion. 26.2 This Agreement, including Annexes 1 to 10, reference documents and annual Annexes, includes the entire agreement concluded by the Parties concerning the subject matter of this Agreement. . . .

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