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In accordance with current health and safety policies, the North Monterey County School Board decided at yesterday`s Board of Directors meeting to begin the school year from August 12 to September 30 in a distance learning format for all schools. North Monterey County Unified School District opens a few classrooms for high-demand students. These include students in special education programmes, those who identify as homeless or who are in foster care. On September 25, 2020, the North Monterey County Youth Census Project (NMCYCP) hosted a Drive Thru event. The group is made up of high school students. According to them, Castroville was in the top 10 cities in Monterey County in the 2010 census. Castroville will soon have its first academic institution to prove to its community members access to university credit classes, adult education, laboratories and a community meeting place. The Hartnell Education Center in Castroville is expected to open in the spring of 2022. The North Monterey County Unified School District works closely with the Monterey County Bureau of Education and Monterey County to promote the Census of Population in North County. In addition, a group of NMC youth leaders led small projects and videos on the importance of the census and its impact on our community. We have included information in our weekly packages of parental resources to promote the population census.

The slogan is Together We Count! Juntos Contamos! To learn more about WE and see May 21 in California, we celebrate with Superintendent Kari Yeater and North Monterey High School Senior Amelia Hernandez. Our county has an app. Don`t you want to miss our community news? Download our app and stay up to date. Dear Parents/Legal Guardians: From next Monday, July 13 to Friday, July 24, call the staff under your primary phone number, which is listed in your child`s contact information. This important call offers you the opportunity to confirm registration and indicate your preferences for each of your students in order to meet specific needs in terms of transportation, childcare, Internet access, privileged days for attendance classes, distance learning or home lessons, etc. In addition, families can choose a home schooling option with guidance and support from teachers or choose to continue distance learning with their peers and teachers. The press release was shared with local newspapers, news stations, social networks and radio stations. The information was also shared with our local municipal agencies and families in North County.

Publications: North Monterey County Unified School District Begins School Year with Distance Learning Courses bit.ly/39p4SZ2 The Department of Health Services has partnered with the Elkhorn Slough Foundation to be part of its “Healthy Hands, Helping Lands” program. At the last two Monday meals in Castroville, families received an extra bag of freshly picked organic produce that matched their meal kits. . . .

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