Tenancy Agreement Says No Pets

“The government recognizes that there should be a balance with responsible pet owners who are not penalized and owners who are more flexible, and it is true that owners` real estate should be protected from damage caused by bad herd animals,” he adds. For owners, refusing animals without reasonable excuses and proof has been illegal since 2016, as well as it is no longer illegal to break this part of the contract, if a tenant wants to keep a dog, they can, as long as they do not damage the property or as long as no one else is allergic to the property, If a tenant is smart enough, he can bring his angry landlord to court, sue them, claim money, and then, if the contract ends naturally because it would be illegal to break it for no justified reason (and no, just because the place was not promoted as an animal, are not considered justified because we do not forget that one cannot have pets , it`s been illegal since 2016) Not to pass yourself out as a jackass of animal hatred. , an intelligent tenant could sue you are in violation of the AST in two areas, with pets in the property and running a business on your property as well. You can fire her for two months and ask her to leave. Personally, I would like a personal interview with them and formally tell them what you want from them to continue to rent your property. if they pay their rent on time and are generally good tenants – require that canine businesses be able to stop immediately and that they can keep their own pets with a slight increase on the deposit. or if you don`t want pets, tell them they can stay animal-free and if they are not advertised. Whatever they agree to tell them that periodic inspections are not optional, I agree. We spent $60,000 to make our home new and beautiful inside and out, kept it empty for a whole year, because we didn`t smoke pets/no tobacco, and finally, we reduced the rent to a small pet family. Six weeks later, they have an emotional support cat for their 10-year-old daughter, and I just have to absorb them. I`m devastated. I do not think insurance would work for a number of reasons.

Suppose the tenant resigns or stops paying the premium before the end of the lease? It cannot be mandated. Suppose the insurance decides that the tenant is negligent and does not pay. Suppose the insurance takes several months to make a decision? Can you count on a third party to solve this problem? I think there has to be a direct relationship between the landlord and the tenant. Either the tenant pays a higher monthly rent to cover pet applications, which I think is happening, but not fair, or the LL does not say pets. Some pet depot would work much better. I would not have any pets. Alot off people can`t even pull themselves together. It doesn`t matter if you have a pet. the law should not ask us to do that. I`ll be the first to sell my house.i can see a lot of homeowners doing this as Wel.

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