University Of Missouri Indirect Cost Rate Agreement

A: You should inform your designated OSP Pre-Pricing Administrator as soon as possible of any planned proposal. Please provide a link or copy of the call for tenders and the due date. Early notification will give you time to read the guidelines and help develop an overall budget. There will also be time for the university`s internal approval process. A: The situation should be discussed with your OSP administrator as soon as it becomes a problem. Agreements with contractors are usually drafted in such a way that there are clear performance and payment elements. The longer you wait to formally draw the contractor`s attention to this point, the less time we have to correct the situation and the more difficult the situation becomes. OSP can work with you and any other university offices needed to resolve the issue. A: The university complies with any published prohibitions in the Indirect Cost Recovery Sponsors Directive. Some private organizations and government programs stipulate in their guidelines that they can only include a small percentage of indirect costs in their grant budgets. In these cases, the budget may be developed in accordance with these guidelines.

If the proponent does not have a written prohibition, all indirect costs must be included. A: The MtDC (Modified Total Direct Costs) database excludes the evaluation of indirect costs: these R&A costs, also known as “indirect costs” or “overheads”, help to cover the actual university operating expenses necessary for your research, but which cannot be specifically attributed to a single project. A: The salary must be based on your institutional base rate and is calculated based on your payment for nine months or twelve months of effort. A: Discuss the grant with your department head and ask for their agreement to start transfer discussions with your former institution. Once you have obtained this permission, contact your assigned OSP administrator to arrange the transfer logistics. PSO employees must work closely with staff at your previous institution, so be prepared with their names and contact information. Once all the details have been agreed between the two institutions, the proposal, budget and letters granting acceptance of the delegated grant go through the authorization process for the routing of academic proposals. A: Although NIH has adopted the modular budget format for budgets of $250,000 per year or less, S&T requires a detailed breakdown budget for internal purposes. . . .

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