The Keys – DJ Khaled

The Keys - by DJ Khaled
The Keys – by DJ Khaled

ISBN: 0451497570 READ: October 2017

After his Snapchat stories go viral, DJ Khaled decided to write a book. A book that I’m happy I only payed a dollar for. The book seems like a direct transcription of his snapchat, which I actually do enjoy is small doses. Khaled is a very positive person with a great work ethic and that is something to admire and to strive toward. Unfortunately the book is just repetition of all his positive catch phrases with very little actionable items. I’d recommend this book to people who love him on social media and also don’t like reading real books.



The key to more success is that the work never ends.

Be thankful every minute of every day for what you have; don’t complain. Keep your energy and vibe clean so that other good people want to be around you.

“They don’t want you to have breakfast. “They” don’t want you to have Jet Skis.

The other part of being yourself is also being true to what makes you unhappy. Removing what makes you unhappy will make you happy. That sounds obvious, but believe me, people forget to take out the trash all the time.

Major key: Don’t play yourself. What I mean by that is don’t do anything foolish to compromise your joy and prosperity.

Secure the Bag. Fiscal responsibility might be the last key you’d expect from me, but it’s important to lean if you ever want to be a mogul. Get in that zone where you’d rather have money than spend it. Because sometimes when you secure the bag, then you can secure a bigger bag just because you have your paper at the right place at the right time. It’s about having a down payment for the next investment.

Complaints are excuses, and excuses are for the weak-minded. Nobody’s going to follow this kind of negativity into battle because complainer waste the day imagining new bad scenarios and spend no time accomplishing the vision.

Learn every name that mean something to the people in that business. And when you have the opportunity to meet these people, appreciate their greatness and show gratitude. Knowing the pioneers of the game – whatever your game is – is unbelievably important. You’ve got to know who put in the work ahead of our for you to be able to do what you’re doing now.

“They” don’t want you to have a lot of pillows, so I make sure to have a lot of pillows. It is a major key to rest your greatness.

If you have a situation, you pick up the phone. You set yo a meeting and you talk among grown men or grown women.

Workers work. Bosses own.

The people who have a hundred percent chance of failing are the people who never try. The people who just sit around scheming about all the greatness and never actually go out and do it always lose. If you want anyone to be on your team you have to never be scared to show them that you believe in your work. That means you have to do the work.

If you don’t feel challenged at all, you need to look around and see if you ain’t missing opportunities that you should be up on. You need to be thinking about why you’re not setting your signs on the next level of your life. It’s important to be curious about new opportunities.

I bet on myself and I believe in myself. Plus, I am myself. I also choose to be happy no matter what negativity and hate it out there.

Major key for real: Don’t drive your Jetski in the dark.


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