News Feed Hider

One day, after snapping back to reality from a 2 hour long Facebook “lurking” session, I realized that the time I just spent yielded absolutely no betterment of my life. Looking at ex-girlfriend’s pictures and reading about old high school classmate’s days not only doesn’t help my personal growth, I think it made me dumber. I set out to make a tool that would make it impossible for me to start down the wormhole, but also keep the social functionality that I use Facebook for such as events and chat. The trigger for me is the Facebook newsfeed. It throws lots of information in your face every time you log in and tries to suck you in. This is what I needed to remove, hence the name News Feed Hider.

I wrote a Google Chrome extension that will hide the newsfeed and replace it with an inspirational quote.


I also saw a need for a “cheat day” so I added functionality to turn the news feed back on during certain times of the day or certain days of the week. Currently Sunday is my cheat day so I get full access to Facebook and I can lurk to my hearts desire while still be productive during the week.

You can download it for yourself here:


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